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    Chaikin volatility indicator -

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    Chaikin Volatility Indicator

    Chaikin Volatility Indicator. Chaikin Volatility indicator trading strategy. Chaikin Vol indicator in high-value means, share price traded in a wide range (the difference between High and lows, more high-value indicates more high lows difference ) Chaikin Volatility Indicator. Chaikin volatility indicator represents an oscillator indicator that shows high and low volatility for any trading assets (currency pair, commodity, stock, etc.). This is a free practice account where you can check every new indicator or trading technique. An increase in the Volatility Indicator over a relatively short time. The Chaikin Volatility measures the average (exponential) daily range (High – Low) of a stock over a 10-day period, although other periods up to 20 days can also be used. It produces the best results when used with price envelopes or any of the moving averages..The Chaikin Indicator applies MACD to the accumulation-distribution line rather than closing price. Shows the difference between two moving averages of a volume-weighted accumulation-distribution line. It is a volatility indicator which calculates the Exponential Moving Average of the difference between the current interval’s high and low prices and its value a number of. Chaikin Volatility: Developed by Marc Chaikin, this indicator equates volatility with the trading range for each period, lying between the highs and the lows. As with other indicators, it is always advised to use the Chaikin Volatility Indicator with other tools and indicators, the most common ones being the price envelope and the moving averages. It measures the difference between two moving averages chaikin volatility indicator of a volume-weighted accumulation distribution line Chaikin Volatility indicator trading strategy.