AI for Shidduchim

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Yismach helps old time shadchanim work efficiently using today’s tools and technology.  At Yismach we  created a system where your shidduch information is available to over 200 independent, established, recognized shadchanim worldwide and we built search tools to give shadchanim focus. We now want to build tools that are more intelligent using newly developed artificial intelligence (AI).

The major advances in AI only happened in the past year. At the same time quantum computing, stochastic calculus and chaos mathematics has found ways to harness degrees of randomness. Yismach cross correlational studies of each and every search filter category did not correlate with who said yes to whom – for a first date. Certainly, these categories are irrelevant to whom they marry. The one factor which we did not study because at that time this tech did not yet exist is the match between the narratives of “about me” and “looking for”. We want to add love maps, of your view of the marriage relationship you hope to build.

Yismach has access to experts in data analytics who have agreed to develop the AI if we test it on our data. They will not have access to your identifying information nor any other personal information. The AI program will find whose narratives match yours. These will be visible to shadchanim and it is up to the shadchan to decide based on knowing you. The only information that goes back to the developers is feedback, the degree that their predictions were accurate so that they can revise the programming. The machine learning facet is when a couple gets engaged, their “about me” and “looking for” and “the relationship” in a feed back loop teaches the program what facets are more salient and which are less relevant.

This AI will be integrated into Yismach so if you are in Yismach just revise your profile so that it is a full narrative and add your view of the relationship in the “looking for” section.

If not in Yismach – make the section of about me and looking for comprehensive and send to with your shidduch resume and picture for follow up.

This research  project will be done internally. Your information never leaves Yismach. These experts provide the programming and we run it. We promise confidentiality and we tenaciously protect your privacy  as Rabbi Walkin zt”l advised us that the most important thing in shidduchim is to protect the privacy of each individual so they never lose their dignity during this process.

We have a single-minded purpose: to get you married. Helping shadchanim helps yourself. Hopefully suggestions will be more on the mark and once perfected we hope that your next first date will be your last.

The shidduch system works.

A recent demographic study , Examining Average Age at First Marriage within Orthodox Judaism: A Large Community-Based Study by Yosef Sokol et. al. showed that when looking at the numbers objectively there is no shidduch crisis in stark contrast to the general population where less and less people are getting married and those who do marry do so at a later age and more readily divorce. Conventional psychology is of no help. During the past 50 years thousands of psychology studies were unable to predict who will marry whom. Touted in every social psychology course, are certain low correlation trends which although statistically significant in that it is better than chance, these are very low correlations. During the past decade, multi-billion dollar dating sites and giants like Facebook invested millions with zero return on their investment. By making the AI predictions visible only to shadchanim, it becomes an invaluable tool for shadchanim and is not just an impersonal data point. This does not compel who the shadchan to suggest someone based solely on these match criteria. At the end of the day, it is the shadchan who makes the suggestion based on their intuition and with the help of hashem. It is not just the suggestion, but shadchan stays involved until engagement facilitating the relationship.