Prayers for Marriage

At different times a year, a Yismach staff member will daven for you on the Yahrzeit at Kivrei Tzadikim or daven on a daily basis for you to find your shidduch.

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Chida $55
Chana and her 7 sons $85
R' Yonatan Ben Uziel $99
Kever Rachel $45
David Hamelech $50
Shla Hakadosh $65
Rambam $90
Shmuel Hanavi $45
R' Shimon Bar Yochai $150
Shimon Hatzadik $100
Chizkiyahu Hamelech $50
Daily Tefillah for Shidduchim $120/month
Daily Perek Tehillim $30/month
Daily Perek Shira $85/month
Daily Nishmas $100/month
Total Donation Amount : $0
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