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Sammy’s Inferno

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Herded like cattle headed to the slaughter. This is how I felt on the way to an event where hopefully, I will meet my one and only. When I got there, there was not one and not only. There was everybody and nobody. While trying to hide my own shame and despair, everyone corralled in

America’s Secret War Against Marriage

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ANTI-MARRIAGE MANIFESTO The famous 19th century socialist Robert Owen included the family, along with marriage and private property, in his ‘triumvirate of evil’, which, he asserted, has ‘cursed the world ever since the creation of man’.  Gloria Steinem, the famous celebrity feminist, once declared, ‘We have to abolish and reform the institution of marriage…By the

A Shadchan’s Perspective on the Shidduch Crisis

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Much ink has been spilled about the shidduch crisis, with much of it pointing an accusatory finger at the singles themselves for their single state. Paradoxically, many are plagued with thoughts of despair and hopelessness such as: “The shadchan knows hundreds of people, and I haven’t got any suggestions in months! Is something wrong with