The Irony in How Hashem Arranges Shidduchim

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This tzaddik, Rabbi Leib Slonimar zt”l lived in the time of the Vilna Goan and was known as “Rebbe Leib Tzaddik”. He thought to himself, Chazal said that if one has a terrible wife, he will not face gehennom. Therefore, since I am looking for a match, I will look for someone “good”- a woman

The Right One at the Right Time: Maharal’s Shidduch

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In the Bes Din of the Maharal, whenever a case came before him which involved breaking an engagement, the Maharal went to extraordinary lengths to prevent any shidduch from breaking up. If the issues could not be resolved, he referred them to another bes din. What is the back story? When the Maharal was a

A Shadchan’s Perspective on the Shidduch Crisis: Shadchan Crisis IS the Shidduch Crisis

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Traditionally, before making suggestions, Shadchanim strived to get to know the person usually by a face-to-face meeting, and stayed involved until the engagement, helping the couple smooth out the bumps along the way. Many Shadchanim today, however, frustrated by an increasing sense of failure, end up shying away from wholeheartedly being involved. The overwhelming, pervasive

Do the Matchmakers Think We Are Serious About Marriage?

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It’s no secret that women, at times, complain about the guys who can’t commit (ever heard of this?). I’ve always felt that sure there are guys who can’t, but sometimes women make a mistake – in the diagnosis. They may know of a guy who has had a number of serious dating relationships and no

What’s in a Name? Who you are compatible with!

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The Torah tells us that Adam named all the animals. The Torah tells us that names were changed; Avrom to Avroham, Sari to Sarah, Yaakov to Yisroel. The Torah tells us what the Avos named their children and why. In one case, it was Hashem who selected the name, Yitzchok. Today, it is not until

The Hand of Hashem is in every Shidduch

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A Roman matron asked Rabbi Yossi ben Halfafta: And how many days did God create his world? He said to her, in six days, as it is written, “for in six days God made the heavens and the earth.” And from that time, what has kept him busy? He said to her, he sits and

Yaakov’s Shidduch Tale

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Yaakov went to Choron to find a wife “naked and with nothing” because on the way to Choron Elifaz took all of Yaakov’s possessions including his clothing. Yakov found some clothing near a river that was left by someone who drowned in the river. Imagine Yaakov today’s shidduch resume – bochur yeshiva – penniless wearing

Travails of the First Shadchan

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Eliezer is tasked with searching for the one and only for Yitzchok Aveinu, but Avrohom already knew who it was as he was informed after the Akeida that Rifka was born and Rashi explains that it means he knew that she was predestined to marry Yitzchok. Much ink has been spilled relaying the odyssey of