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Yismach: What we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going.

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In stark contrast to increasingly popular dating sites for the modern religious, Yismach was launched to perpetuate the old fashioned, well established shidduch system. In its simplest original iteration, Yismach was created as an aid to the established, recognized shadchanim – it was simply an electronic file cabinet where shadchanim could access the information of

What’s in a Name? Who you are compatible with!

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The Torah tells us that Adam named all the animals. The Torah tells us that names were changed; Avrom to Avroham, Sari to Sarah, Yaakov to Yisroel. The Torah tells us what the Avos named their children and why. In one case, it was Hashem who selected the name, Yitzchok. Today, it is not until