Rav Zilberstein on an Unbelievable Shidduch Dilemma

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At his engagement, the boy is told that his future bride is a convert from Poland whose family was originally from Germany. Not just that, but during the war her grandfather was the head of the Gestapo in Poland. Not just that, but he personally killed the boys grandmother. What to do?

A Shadchan’s Perspective on the Shidduch Crisis

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Much ink has been spilled about the shidduch crisis, with much of it pointing an accusatory finger at the singles themselves for their single state. Paradoxically, many are plagued with thoughts of despair and hopelessness such as: “The shadchan knows hundreds of people, and I haven’t got any suggestions in months! Is something wrong with

Yismach Uses Today’s Tools to Reinforce the Old-Fashioned Time Tested Shidduch System

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Yismach was launched to perpetuate the old fashioned, well established shidduch system. Yismach was created as an aid to the established, recognized shadchanim who meet people and jot relevant information on handwritten notes. In order for information to be up-to-date, rather than shadchanim inputting the information, those in shidduchim were asked to provide their shidduch